Joy van Zetten is a creative human being, who creates all kinds of content. During her little time on this planet she had photography exhibitions, made video’s, wrote freelance texts and designed magazines.

Joy has been in love with photography since her teens. Always putting photographing before her homework. In 2010 Joy gave up her high school career to go to Rotterdam and study Photography at Grafisch lyceum.

During that study Joy did all kinds of photography. From analog portraits to product shoots and from weddings to babies. But whatever Joy

did, she always had her own style. Basic and simple with a little but of a contrast. You could call it a less-is-more-style. Lately Joy wants to photograph the simple things around us and document her travels. Her motto: “The world is beautiful, you just have to pay attention.”

Joy also developed a love for fashion, writing and graphic design and began to share it on a blog named: The life of Joy. On her blog Joy shared her daily life and all her creations. “It’s just an online diary. I love to

do it, and I love to look back and see where I came from, how hard I worked and where I stand now.” Joy stopped blogging in September 2018 after 9 years of blogging. Stating she looked at het blog with love, happiness and nostalgia. But no longer felt a passion for it. Joy continued to share her daily life and all her creations on her Instagram

All this time all Joy cared about was letting out feelings, evoke feelings and just be creative. “As long as I am being creative, it doesn’t matter if it’s photography, poems, video’s or graphic design.”.

One thing is for sure. Joy love to create. She loves to let  her creations speak for her.

Go to her Photography portfolio JoyPhoto, or read more about her blog The life of Joy